3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Call A Tow Truck For

If your car’s broken down or you’ve had an accident, chances are you’ll have to call a tow truck. Everyone knows that tow trucks are there for breakdowns and accidents, and these are the most common reasons to call a tow truck. But few people know that tow trucks do more than just towing your car away when it’s not drivable. Most tow truck companies offer services that can help you in a few sticky situations, ranging from a dead battery to an inconsiderate neighbor. Let’s look at three things you can call a tow truck for that you’ve probably never thought of.

Giving Your Car a Jump Start

Most car drivers experience a dead battery at some point, and it can be an expensive nuisance if it happens at an inconvenient time or place. If your car isn’t starting because the battery’s flat, you don’t necessarily need to resign yourself to having it towed. In many cases, all that’s needed to get your car going, at least to finish your journey or make it to the nearest garage, is usually a jump start. Call a local towing company and ask if they can come out and give you a jump start, and they’ll usually be happy to help. This will save you the cost of having your vehicle towed, which will add up to a lot more than a jump start fee.

Call A Tow Truck

Fuel Delivery

Another common reason for car breakdowns is being out of fuel. This can be frustrating, especially when it’s not technically a ‘breakdown’ and is easily avoided with a little forward planning. Luckily, tow trucks can help here, too. Tow truck drivers are accustomed to being called up because people have run out of fuel halfway down the freeway, which is why they’ll usually be happy to collect the right type of fuel for you and help to fill up your vehicle at the side of the road – for a much lower cost than having your car towed.

Removing Someone Else’s Car From Your Private Property

The specifics of whether a tow truck will tow another car from your private property depend on which state you’re in, but in many states, there are laws in place to allow citizens to call a tow truck to have another car removed from their property if it’s blocking their way. Many states allow for cars to be towed if they’re creating traffic hazards, or for cars to be towed if they’re on private residential property and blocking a driveway. If someone else’s car is posing a serious risk or obstruction, it’s always worth phoning a local towing company to ask if they can help.

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