3 Things You Should Do When Driving in Foggy Weather

When you’re driving in foggy weather, it’s very important for you to take extra precautions to remain safe. Here are three things you should do when driving in fog.

1. Focus

Driving in Foggy Weather

“When one of your senses is removed or reduced then you must rely on your others to get by. In the case of thick fog, your sight will be reduced and you’ll need to use your ears to listen for oncoming cars,” car leasing company OSV says. Stay alert! Don’t drive if you’re sleepy, taking drugs that could make you drowsy, or if you’ve been drinking. Turn off distractions and ask passengers to refrain from asking you questions or showing you things that would require you to take your eyes off the road.

2. Turn off those high beams

If you have fog lights (lights that are lower down on your bumper), go ahead and use those to provide more light where you need it most. Otherwise, just use your regular headlights.

3. Drive slower

Driving the speed limit in hazardous conditions can be very dangerous to both you and other drivers. In fact, police officers will pull over drivers who are driving the speed limit in foggy weather! So if you’re driving in the foggy weather, use your best judgment and slow down a bit.

As always, if you get stranded somewhere or have to pull over because fog is too thick to drive through, don’t panic. Call Hurst Towing and Recovery and help will be on the way.