3 Things You Should Do If You Run Out of Gas

If you’ve ever driven your car past empty, you know that running out of gas is inconvenient and frustrating. Obviously, prevention is ideal (i.e., stopping for gas before you run out). Here are 3 steps you should do If You Run Out of Gas.

Run Out of Gas

1. Safety first

Try not to panic so that you can think clearly. Running out of gas is embarrassing, but it can happen to anyone. Focus on getting your car to a safe place so that your situation doesn’t present a hazard to other cars.

2. Walk to get gas

If you are in a familiar area and you know where the nearest gas station is, lock your car doors and walk to the nearest station to get gas. If you’re unsure where the nearest gas station is, most navigational apps have search features that you can use. Make sure you take your wallet, cell phone, keys, and anything else that is valuable with you. Most importantly, don’t leave children without another adult to watch them.

3. Get help

Depending on where you are, the nearest gas station may be too far away to walk to. In this case, you may have to call an Uber or cab to take you to get gas. You could also ask other drivers or a friend who lives nearby to bring you gas. If all else fails, call your roadside assistance company and have them come and re-fuel your car.