3 Tips for Staying Sane During I-59/20 Bridge Shutdown

There are big changes on the horizon for everyone in Birmingham as construction on the I-59/20 Bridge Shutdown starts this month. In light of the shutdown of this crucial route, here are a few suggestions to help you keep calm and drive on.

1. Anticipate detours

Bridge Shutdown

As obvious as this might sound, expect the inconvenience and be prepared to make adjustments to your route. Detours will add travel time, so be sure to calculate accordingly, especially if you’re on your way to work or a time-sensitive event.

2. Drive cautiously

Because of how large this project is, the construction of I-59/20 is going to affect nearly everyone in Birmingham. Impatience tends to make people drive poorly, so be extra cautious when you’re out on the road. Stay alert, stay off your phone, and drive defensively.

3. Download a traffic update app

Frustration with the I-59/20 construction is totally understandable. But the more in-the-know you are regarding road closures and alternate routes the better. As you plan, especially for your commute to work, download an app such as ALGO, Waze, or Inrix. These apps will have the latest road closures and can greatly alleviate confusion and frustration as you maneuver your way around the construction. Additionally, the Hurst Towing and Recovery Twitter page will have traffic updates, so be sure to follow us on there for the latest information. We’ve got you covered, Birmingham!