4 Ways to Avoid a Car Breakdown in the Winter

Driving safely in winter weather can be challenging, especially if you’re in a state like Texas or Alabama that doesn’t get much snow — or at all. This is why keeping your car in top shape is essential, especially during extremely low temperatures.

There are many ways to prepare your car and yourself for driving in the winter weather but the most important thing is to always stay vigilant and careful on the road.

Keep reading to learn 4 ways to prevent a car breakdown in the winter and keep your car safe and warm in the colder months.

1. Check Your Car Battery

The first step to avoiding car problems is checking your car battery. If it’s empty or near-empty, you may not be able to start the car at all. You’ll also not have heating and your locks won’t work.

These are all essential things to check before getting on the road so make sure you charge or replace your car battery before the winter so you’re always prepared. If possible, keep an extra battery in your car so you can change it in case of an emergency.

2. Defrost Your Car Before Driving

Car Breakdown

If the weather is freezing cold and the car has been sitting outside at night, you’ll need to defrost it before driving. This will help prevent damage and car issues down the line and make the car safer for driving.

Start by defrosting the locks, windows, and windshield by scraping the ice and snow with an ice-scraper. Once you’re inside the car, start the engine and turn on the defroster, along with the heating. Let the car engine run for a few minutes and check the brakes and tires.

3. Use a Good Quality Antifreeze

A high-quality antifreeze is essential for proper winter maintenance and avoiding car damage. It keeps your car’s cooling system working to prevent the engine from freezing. The right ratio of antifreeze helps the engine maintain an optimal temperature so it can start no matter the weather.

4. Make Sure The Heating Works Properly

One of the best winter car maintenance tips is checking if your heating system works properly. In extreme weather conditions, this will help you stay warm and safe in case you’re stuck on the road or your car breaks down. If this happens, you need to stay inside the car until the tow truck arrives to help.

Avoiding a Car Breakdown in the Winter Is Easy With These Tips

Whether you’re used to harsh winters or they happen once in a while in your state, preventing a car breakdown is possible with the help of these tips. From using a good quality antifreeze to ensuring your heating system works, having a list of things to check is essential for road safety in the winter.

If you drive to and from work in the winter every day, you need a list of items you should always keep in your car. Read this article to see what they are and start gathering your car essentials today.