5 Benefits of Staying on Top of Car Maintenance

Did you know that MINI Coopers are widely accepted as the worst cars to own from a maintenance perspective? Their complex engines jammed into such tiny frames not only make mechanics’ lives hard (impossible if they have normal-sized hands or bigger), but this configuration also causes many of their parts to break simultaneously. However, MINIs are still really fun to drive, so what are we to do?

Routine and proper car maintenance is the answer we’re looking for! If you want more convincing, here are five universal benefits of routine vehicle maintenance.

1. Making Your Car Safer

Most things in your car are inconvenient when they brake, preventing your car from starting, spewing noxious fumes, or slowing it down to a point where you could walk faster. Some things, however, are life-threatening when neglected.

The most obvious example would be all the components of a car’s braking system, but damaged radiators and oil and fuel leaks could also have nasty outcomes. Regular auto maintenance protects you and your passengers from these outcomes.

2. Save Money Long Term

As discussed with MINIs, many individual issues in cars can end up causing multi-component or full system failures. These can be expensive to fix and can result in additional expenses (towing and hospital bills) on top of the auto repairs. Doing maintenance and fixing small problems prevents this expensive downward spiral from occurring.

Car Maintenance

3. Save Money Short Term

Regular auto maintenance also improves your vehicle’s fuel economy. Oil changes and such jobs help the engine run better. Maintaining the drive chain and having good tires also reduce the effect of extra unnecessary forces on your fuel bill each month.

4. Longevity and Resale Value

Maintaining your vehicle regularly has the knock-on effect of reducing the chances of big system failures and accidents. The knock-on effect of these effects is that your car will stay useful and operable for much longer than if it were neglected.

If you have a decent, rare, or nice car, there’s another bonus as well. If you keep your car in good condition for long enough (like with nice vintage cars), you could sell it for much more than it was originally worth. Even if this isn’t your intention, a well-maintained car still sells for much more than its damaged counterpart.

5. Car Maintenance Helps You Dodge Scammers

If your car suddenly breaks down, but it’s crucial to you that it works, you may find yourself at the mercy of the first mechanic you can find. If they are a terrible mechanic, you’ll invariably pay way more than you need for the repair job.

Regular car maintenance will help you find small problems before they become serious. This puts you in a position where you can comfortably vet the mechanics in your area before you take your car in.

If It Won’t Go on the Road, Have it Towed

Regular auto maintenance is so beneficial to a car owner that it’s basically a necessity. Car maintenance keeps your vehicle safe to use for travel as well as prevents it from becoming an economic liability. Good maintenance can turn your vehicle into a valuable asset for the future; make sure you find a good and decent mechanic.

Unfortunately, having your car die beneath you is a possibility that’s never zero. If this has happened to you, or if you just want to be prepared, be sure to contact us for your next tow. We’re transparent, reliable, and afforable.