5 Essentials to Keep In Your Car During the Winter

Essentials to Keep In Your Car: As much as we’d rather not think about it, at least in driving terms, it seems winter is rapidly approaching in the rearview mirror! This arrival delivers a set of driving problems unique to the season. It also means that it’s time to ensure you always keep these five essential tools with you.

1. A Trio of Winter Driving Tools

You are likely to need to remove ice and snow from your vehicle, or even find a way to remove snow that is hampering your vehicle’s movement. Therefore, this trio of implements, together, form a vital toolkit. Firstly, a sturdy , one that removes ice and avoids the danger of frostbite as you try to use a debit or store card to do the same job! Secondly, a brush that removes the snow from your vehicle to ensure you have full vision and it’s safe to drive. Finally, a shovel (collapsible options are available) to dig wheels out of a small snowdrift – or perhaps to clear a path to your front door if you arrive home after a blast of winter snow has hit.

Essentials to Keep In Your Car

2. Winter Warmth Providers

Cleaning the windscreen, or digging out, is no fun. It can be hazardous to your health if you don’t have strong, warm gloves to protect your digits. Also, keep a couple of extra layers of clothing, and a warm blanket, in your vehicle. These can be lifesavers if you are likely to encounter harsh weather on any journey. Hand warmers are also a great choice to keep on board.

3. Movement Materials

In addition to the tools we’ve already mentioned, it’s also wise to keep bags of rock salt and sand in your trunk. Incidentally, if you don’t have access to either, it’s been said that kitty litter will do the job! It’s also recommended to keep a rope or a chain as well. It’s no use finding someone willing to help tow you out of a drift and then realize that neither of you has the vital piece of equipment to achieve this. The same is true of the lifeline that is jumper cables.

4. A Vital Aid to Clear Vision

When glorious summer days are a memory, it can be easy to neglect to keep your sunglasses with you, or in your vehicle. Driving in the low winter sun, or with the glare from compacted snow, certainly requires some protection to ensure that you enjoy a vital level of clear vision.

5. Sustenance Should You Be Stuck in the Snow

As well as the warmth provided by the clothing and blankets we mentioned earlier, it’s also important to keep yourself fit and alert if you are stuck in the snow. It might be a while before help arrives, even if you’re able to call for it. Therefore, it’s wise to have a supply of water, or a thermos of soup or coffee, with you to make sure you can stay warm and hydrated. Add to this a bunch of snacks, ones that won’t perish, and have a substantial sell by or use by date, and are therefore available whenever needed.

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