5 Things Your Car Needs for Winter Weather

Winter takes a toll on many things, especially your car. How do you make sure your car can handle the colder temperatures and dangerous road conditions? Here are 5 things your car needs for winter weather.


Car Needs for Winter

Make sure your engine has enough antifreeze and add more if it’s running low. There are plenty of resources online that can teach you how to check and add antifreeze to your engine so that it doesn’t freeze in cold weather. You can check your local auto supply store as well.

Tire Pressure/Tread Depth

If your tires don’t have proper pressure in them, the cold weather can cause them to go flat, leaving you stranded on the side of the road. Fill your tires with air for free at a local gas station, and while you’re at it, double check the treads on them. If they don’t pass the”penny test,” get yourself new tires pronto.

A Winter Weather Emergency Kit

Winter is the worst time of year for a car to break down, but it happens. When it does, you’ll be grateful for your “winter emergency kit.” USNews.com says, “Having a box full of winter supplies in your trunk can make all the difference when something goes wrong while traveling on a cold winter day. Here’s a quick list of items you should include in that box: a flashlight, road flares, a first-aid kit, a few blankets, a change of warm clothes for the driver, a few extra pairs of gloves, a radio, a charged cellphone for 911 calls, a bag of sand (for traction), an extra ice scraper and some high-energy snacks (like nuts or jerky).”

Winter-grade oil

Did you know that not all oils are the same “thickness?” Don’t use a thin oil year round. If you are currently using a thick oil (like a 10W-30 oil), consider switching to a thinner one for the winter months. Look for an oil with a lower first number, like a 5W-30 oil.

A good towing service

Hurst Towing and Recovery hopes the rest of your winter is safe and uneventful. But if your car breaks down or you find yourself stranded, we’re here for you! We have been providing services to individuals, non-profit organizations, and corporations in the Birmingham area for over 31 years. Input our number into your phone, just in case!