About Hurst Towing

Hurst Towing specializes in light, medium, and heavy duty towing and uses a range of different trucks to best serve its customer. Hurst Towing’s fleet currently consists of 15 trucks and trailers. We currently employ 13 drivers, two office workers, and two night and weekend dispatchers.

Our Equipment

We have the equipment to get the job done. With over 15 trucks and trailers, from light, to heavy.

Our Staff

Hurst Towing has been in business for over 31 years.

  • Lynn Hurst Founder and President
  • Barry Cook
      Barry Cook Driver
    • Bill Finn
        Bill Finn Driver
      • Chris Durden
          Chris Durden Driver
        • Timmy Worsham
            Timmy Worsham Driver
          • Brad Allan
              Brad Allan Part-Time Driver
            • Mark Pelfrey
                Mark Pelfrey Part-Time Driver
              • Brian Hall
                  Brian Hall Office Staff
                • Skip Wick
                    Skip Wick Office Staff
                  • Debbie Hurst
                      Debbie Hurst Office Staff
                    • Cynthia Stewart
                        Cynthia Stewart Office Staff
                      • Bill Tindall
                          Bill Tindall Driver
                        • Daniel Johnson
                            Daniel Johnson Driver
                          • Patrick Harper
                              Patrick Harper Dispatcher