Fun Activities To Keep Your Kids Entertained While You Wait for a Tow

Waiting for a tow can be an exercise in patience for adults, so you can probably imagine how antsy kids can get too. Here are some ways to keep your kids entertained while you wait for a tow.



Memories are a great way to distract kids while you wait for a tow because it takes their mind off the current situation. For example, you could compare this experience of your vehicle breaking down with other road trip memories: what other interesting things have happened with your family on the road in the past? Think back on what you did to make that experience a positive one. You could also tell stories about funny things your younger children did when they were babies. Or parents, tell stories about when you were a kid!


Using your imagination is another great way to pass the time. You could play games like I-Spy or have each person say a sentence to create a story. The license plate game, 20 questions, or the alphabet game are also good. If you have your makeup with you and young daughters, you could even give them makeovers! Or, if your children are older, pretend you’re a team of top-secret agents on a stakeout! Observe cars that are passing by and have your kiddos take notes on their surroundings. Discuss what might be in each vehicle as it passes and speculate about where they’re going. Keep an eye out for wildlife like deer or eagles and pretend they are rogue agents.

Curb the munchies

Hunger and dehydration cause irritability, so while you wait for a tow, look for signs your kids are actually hungry or thirsty instead of just bored or impatient. If your kids start acting cranky, pass a snack around and be sure everyone stays well hydrated. If it’s mealtime and there are two adults present, have one stay with the car while the other goes to a nearby fast food joint to grab food.

Final tips

Try to avoid using your phone to entertain kids while you wait for a tow. Your phone needs to stay charged in case of an emergency, and having your children watch movies or play games on them will drain the battery life. There are plenty of great ways to connect with your kids, even as you wait for a tow. Try to use this time to get to know them better and spend quality time as a family. And who knows? Your kids may even look back on the breakdown as a positive experience because of the way you handled it!