License, Registration, and Other Car Documents You Might Need to Renew

car document

Paying rent on time, loading the dishwasher, and changing the oil in your vehicle— every responsible adult has to keep up with these tasks. But renewing important car documentation is one of those things that can slip through the cracks. Save yourself money and hassle by setting reminders to renew the following car documents!

Driver’s License

When was the last time you noted the expiration date on your driver’s license? If it’s been a while, you may want to check and see if it’s time for renewal. The consequences of not renewing this important piece of car documentation are steep. According to The Law Dictionary, driving with an expired license could lead to:

  • Ticket fines of up to $250
  • Points on your permanent driving record
  • Impoundment of vehicle
  • Insurance penalties

Vehicle Registration

Anyone that drives their vehicle on public property is required by law to renew their vehicle’s registration on a yearly basis. Additionally, depending on what type of vehicle you have and what it is used for, your car may also have to undergo a series of tests. Tests include vehicle inspection, emission test, and/or a smog check. If you fail to renew your vehicle’s registration, you risk getting a fine or a ticket.

Vehicle tags

Renewing your vehicle tags goes hand-in-hand with renewing your registration. If you recently moved to another state, you typically have 30 days to register your vehicle and get new license plates that correspond to the state you moved to.

Car insurance

Lastly, be sure to keep your car insurance policy up to date. While most car insurance companies renew your policy automatically every 6 months, you may want to double-check that your policy doesn’t have to be manually renewed.

So, how did you do? Which of these car documents do YOU need to renew? Requirements (and even fines) can vary from state to state. If you have any questions about the laws in your state, call or visit your local DMV today.