4 Tips for Choosing Safe Rest Stops When Travelling

A lot of us may be experiencing cabin fever due to the pandemic and are likely considering some travel to ease it. Whether you take a road trip or a long drive to the airport, you should consider your route and what you may need to do along the way. If you get tired and need to sleep, or you have car problems, you will need a safe place to stop and a quality tow service on speed dial. Read on for our best tips on choosing safe rest stops while traveling.

1. Location Is Key

Depending on your route you may find some very popular rest areas and some more secluded areas. The reason for your stop should influence your choice. For example, if you plan on sleeping you may want to avoid rest stops in secluded areas as crime is more prevalent. However, when choosing a crowded area, you should have alternate stops in mind due to the potential lack of availability.

2. Think About the Possible Reasons You Need to Stop

Rest Stops

If you are going to be sleeping, keep in mind that a lot of cities no longer allow overnight stays at rest areas. Some don’t allow sleeping at all, no matter the time of day! Others might have a maximum time limit for parking. In this case, a truck stop or motel may be what you need. If you do decide to stay at a rest area, look for one that has security, cameras, and good lighting. Many rest areas today are very under-patrolled and even under-maintained.

3. Consider the Amenities Available

Some rest areas are simply for parking. They don’t have vending machines or even restrooms. Other rest areas have the works, including RV dump stations, electricity hookups, picnic tables, vending, showers, information centers, and even Wi-Fi. In the event of car trouble, you might want to make sure there is a shady spot available while you wait on your tow. Be sure to read online reviews regarding what’s available and the cleanliness of the area.

4. Check Your Coverage Area on Your Cell Provider’s Website

Imagine you found a place you thought was safe, only to have an attempted break-in on your vehicle and you find out you have no cell service! In case of an accident or mechanical failure of your vehicle, you need to be able to call for help. If you stop somewhere and find that you don’t have a signal, move on to the next place.

Always put your safety first when planning travel. If a rest area doesn’t meet your needs, consider stopping at a truck stop, or even a motel. Before traveling, check your state’s transportation department websites as some areas may be closed due to the pandemic. No matter the reason for your stop during travel, we want you to be safe. Keep in mind that if you have car trouble while traveling, knowing a dependable tow service ahead of time will benefit you. Please consider the years of expertise and quality provided by Hurst Towing if you’re in the Birmingham area.

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Safe travels!