Driving an Electric Vehicle? Four Reasons You Could Need Roadside Assistance

The International Energy Agency (IEA) reports that in 2020, greater than 10 million electric vehicles were out on the road. Like their gas-powered counterparts, EVs are subject to several roadside emergencies. Many of the problems electric vehicle owners face can easily be solved through roadside assistance. Here are a few occasions when you could need roadside assistance for your EV.

Dead Battery

Electric vehicles contain two different batteries. One is a larger, lithium-ion battery that gives juice to your motor. The other is a 12-volt battery that powers your heating and accessories.

The bigger battery is the one you recharge at charging stations. When you travel too far without recharging your battery, you could wind up stranded. It’s just like driving a gas-powered vehicle and then running out of gas.

What happens if your 12-volt battery loses its charge? You may need a jump start if you have only left the lights on. But if your battery has failed, you may need to replace it–particularly if it is nearing the end of its lifespan.

Flat Tire

Potholes, road hazards, and even normal wear and tear can all lead to flat tires. Should you experience a flat tire, you have two choices: change it yourself or contact roadside assistance. Many people choose the second option because they do not have the tools or would rather not deal with changing the tire themselves.

electric vehicle

Mechanical Failures

From engine trouble to brake failure, several electric vehicle components can give you trouble. Auto repairs are a fact of life and will, unfortunately, happen regardless of the type of automobile you are driving. However, not all repair shops in the Warrior, AL area work on electric cars. Accordingly, you may want to update your roadside assistance plan so that it covers towing service for a longer distance. That way, if you do experience a breakdown, you won’t have to worry about getting it to the right shop.

Automobile Accidents

Unfortunately, auto accidents can happen to any driver, even when you take all the right safety precautions. Should an accident occur, take care of any injuries to yourself or other motorists first. Once you are sure everyone is safe, your next concern will be getting your vehicle to a secure location. Finally, don’t forget to contact your insurance company to notify them of the accident and begin the claims process.

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Your electric vehicle is a major investment that you must rely on to get you where you are going. When something goes wrong, it’s comforting to know that professional roadside assistance is only a phone call away. Whether you need a battery charge, tire change, or towing service, you can count on our dependability and expertise to get the job done right.

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