How to Maintain Bright Headlights in the Winter

Winter is the darkest season of the year, making it the most critical time for your bright headlights to be in bright, working order. So how do you maintain bright lights in the winter? Here are a few tips.

Bright Headlights

Keep your headlights clean

There are many DIY tricks out there for cleaning your lights yourself, including turtle wax, automotive soap, restoration kits, and toothpaste. To prevent them from getting foggy, clean your lights every three months.

Replace your lights

Check your owner’s manual for how often your vehicle, in particular, needs its bulbs to be replaced. Be on the lookout for broken or dim bulbs, and don’t just replace one bulb. Advanced Auto Parts recommends you “either replace both bulbs or all four bulbs at the same time for a consistent field-of-vision down-road.”

Get your headlights restored

Glass professionals say that when your headlights start to get foggy, you may want to head to a professional to get your lights sanded, polished, and sealed. UV rays can cause your lights to yellow, so be sure you park in the shade whenever you can, to keep them brighter for longer.

While you don’t want your lights to blind other drivers, you do need to keep them in working order. You to be able to see clearly when you’re driving, particularly during these dark winter months. Take good care of your headlights and they should serve you well!