How to Pack Your Car Safely and Prevent Accidents

Who’s ready for summer road trips and some much-needed vacation time? Here are some safety tips to keep in mind as you pack your car.

1. Maintain a clear view.

Don’t pack your car so full that you can’t see out your back window! If you need to redistribute items or pack your car less stuff so that your field of vision remains clear, do so. Traveling with friends? Ask them if they have room to take a few items of yours in their car.

pack your car

2. Secure loose objects.

Loose suitcases and bags are a hazard. As you pack for your trip, stack bags in such a way that prevents them from moving around as you go around turns, up/down hills, etc. If you’re unsure if a stacked item is going to shift during the drive, it’s best to not risk it. Pack it somewhere else so that it doesn’t accidentally fall on someone’s head!

3. Utilize “extra” space.

Out of trunk space? Make the most of every bit of space you have by stowing items below seats, packing items in a cartop carrier, and even towing items on the back of your car in a trailer. Just be sure external storage devices such as bike racks, trailers, and cartop carriers are securely fastened using their respective hardware.

4. Keep an eye on how heavy your vehicle is getting.

Trying to cram too much stuff into your car can weigh it down, putting extra strain on it, making it more prone to breaking down. Additionally, an overloaded vehicle burns through gas more quickly. Turns out, packing light is safer, but it’s also better for your wallet!