How to Protect Your Vehicle From the Heat This Summer

How to Protect Your Vehicle? Think of all the ways you take care of your body during the summer to protect it from the heat. Likewise, your vehicle needs a certain amount of care during the summer months in order to stay running properly. Here are some things you should keep an eye on to make sure the summer heat doesn’t hurt your vehicle.

1. Keep your engine cool

Summer heat can endanger your car’s engine, one of the most expensive things to replace on your vehicle. So you need to make sure your car’s radiator and hoses are all in working condition; if you notice that your vehicle’s temperature gauge is reading hot, there’s a good chance it’s being caused by a leak or a break.

How to Protect Your Vehicle

Another thing you’ll want to check is your coolant levels. The purpose of antifreeze/coolant is to regulate your engine’s temperature so that it doesn’t get too cold (in the winter) or too hot (in the summer). During the summer months, you have to watch the coolant levels and make sure they don’t get too low; otherwise, your engine could get overheated and die.

2. Keep that oil fresh

Another way to make sure the summer heat doesn’t damage your vehicle is to change your oil right before summer begins. Don’t rely on stale winter oil to protect your engine! Give your engine a fresh, max dose of oil at the beginning of summer so that it doesn’t get too hot. Not all oil is the same, though, so be sure to consult your owner’s manual to make sure you are getting the specific type of oil that your vehicle requires.

3. Keep your eye on tire pressure

Summer heat can also cause tire problems. When it’s hot outside, it heats the air inside your tires, causing them to expand and potentially cause burst (a.k.a. blowout). The best way to prevent this is to check your tire pressure on a monthly basis (and adjust it if necessary) throughout the summer so that your tires don’t ever get over-inflated.

Having your car break down in the summer heat is frustrating, but it’s also preventable. Maintenance is key if you want to protect your vehicle from the summer heat. So keep it cool and keep it running!