How To Respond To An Object On The Road

Every year there are plenty of drivers in Alabama that get into serious accidents because they encounter an object on the road, and don’t respond to the obstacle in a safe way. In fact, suddenly stopping as soon as you see the obstacle quite often leads to accidents. Now, let’s go over the common blockages that you can encounter on the road, and how to respond to them properly without making any sudden stops.


Object On The Road

In rural areas, there are plenty of deer as well as other animals that will wander off in the middle of the road. Especially in the early hours of the morning, as well as during sunset. Unfortunately, this is a common cause of accidents. That said, the best way to respond if you see a deer or another animal in the road is to slow down ahead of time. Or, if the animal suddenly charges in your path, do not slam the breaks because that will cause accidents by skidding, and the driver behind you will rear-end you. The best thing to do is if the animal suddenly appears, then grab the steering wheel and prepare yourself for the possible impact. That said if you do end up hitting the animal, then pull over as soon as you can. And, check your vehicle for any damage, and then call the authorities for help.

Flying objects

Unfortunately, trash, plastic bags, and other things can fly while you are driving. And, it can suddenly come right at you and end up on your windshield. The best thing to do in that situation is to stay calm, slow down, and the object will fall back down. However, if there is a dangerous object flying towards your way like a large piece of metal, be sure to slow down, look at the traffic around you, and then change lanes quickly before it can hit you.

Slow moving vehicles

There are plenty of tractors, and vehicles that are powered by horses and other livestock, and other slow movers that are unable to go faster than 30 mph. They are not allowed to travel on interstate highways. But they do travel on other roads. These slow movers will not come right at you suddenly as you will be able to see them from a distance because they have reflectors on the rear. All you can do is keep a safe distance and keep evaluating the traffic around you to switch lanes. Don’t wait to do that until the slow mover is inches in front of you.

Speed bumps

Speed bumps are meant to help you control your speed, and the purpose of them is to make you slow down to drive over the bumps. If you don’t slow down before you see a speed bump, your car will be damaged if you go over it too quickly. Fortunately, speed bumps are visible from a distance and you can start to slow down as you begin to approach it.


The best thing to always do is to keep a careful eye out for pedestrians, as they have the right of way and you are expected to yield to them. Especially at night if they are not wearing reflectors. This way, if you are mindful about the strong possibility that you will encounter one, then you will allow them to walk where they need to walk by slowing down until you stop. There is a reason that neighborhood roads especially have strict speed limits, and pedestrians walking is one of those reasons. The same goes when it comes to kids playing on the neighborhood roads.

If you are mindful about these obstacles that you will be facing at one time or another while you are driving, you will be okay. The chances of an accident happening are much lower if you follow these important tips to respond to obstacles in the road the proper way. Never ever stop suddenly, always slow down so you can make the appropriate move after.