Drunk vs. Drowsy Driving: Why Sleep Deprivation Is More Dangerous Than Alcohol

Most people know how dangerous drunk driving is. But did you know driving without the proper amount of sleep is actually more dangerous than drunk driving? The National Sleep Association says, [...]

Why Your Check Engine Light Is On & How to Get Rid of It

The check engine light is perhaps one of the most confusing notifications your car can give you. This is because it can be triggered by a variety of problems, from a loose gas cap to faulty spark [...]

Driving in the Snow: Tips for Staying Safe

Snow and ice significantly slow your car’s response rate, making winter one of the most dangerous times of year for drivers. Exercise these tips to stay safe on the road this winter. Keep [...]

How To Respond To An Object On The Road

Every year there are plenty of drivers in Alabama that get into serious accidents because they encounter an object in the road, and don’t respond to the obstacle in a safe way. In fact, [...]

What To Do If Your Car Flips?

One of the most frightening things that can possibly happen to you is when you are driving, and all of a sudden your car flips. This is not something that you would expect to see happen too [...]

What To Do If You Get Locked Out Of Your Car?

A common nightmare that everyone has is being locked out of their car. And, you would not think it is possible to happen, but the fact of the matter is, it does.  This situation happens a [...]

3 Tips for Staying Sane During I-59/20 Bridge Shutdown

There are big changes on the horizon for everyone in Birmingham as construction on the I-59/20 bridge starts this month. In light of the shutdown of this crucial route, here are a few suggestions [...]

Is “Texting and Driving” Illegal in Alabama? What You Need to Know

In Alabama, it is illegal to write, send, or read any text-based communication while driving. Here’s why. Drivers in Alabama may want to think twice before reaching for their phones. [...]

“Move Over” Law For Motorists

The current Move Over Law for motorists in Alabama requires that drivers move over to one lane whenever they see an ambulance, a firetruck, or a police car, or any responder with its flashing [...]

How to Survive Holiday Road Trips

Going on the road this holiday season? Unless it’s just you and your spouse, holiday road trips can be a struggle. Here are a couple tips to make those road trips easier. 1. Prepare for the [...]

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