Pit Stop Safety Tips: How to Stay Safe When You Have to Make a Stop

Whether you’ve got kids in tow or you’re traveling alone, making a pit stop can be unnerving. Keep these safety tips in mind next time you have to make a stop.

Safety tip #1: Pick a well-lit, populated location to make a pit stop.

If you need to stop for gas, food, or stretching, make sure you choose a well-lit gas station or rest stop with plenty of people. Crime thrives in dimly lit pit stops that don’t have a lot of people around. So try to pick a place that looks safe. Along the same lines, try to make your pit stops during daylight hours. Crime is less likely to happen in broad daylight than at night.

Safety tip #2: Don’t “hang out” at a gas station. Make it snappy.

For the sake of your safety, try to make your stop as brief as possible. The less time you can spend hanging out at a gas station or rest stop, the better. Get what you need, pump your gas, and leave. The more time you spend in one place, the easier a target you become.

Safety tip #3: Be alert and smart.

Being aware of your surroundings is another effective way to stay safe when you make a pit stop. Park in front of the gas station if you can, and be sure to hide valuables and lock doors before you go inside. Keep your phone with you too, just in case of an emergency.

While you shouldn’t live in fear of crime and evil-doers, it is good to be cautious and prepared. Remember, if you ever get stranded at night, practice these safety tips while you wait for a tow.