Preparing Your Vehicle for an Emergency Tow

Approximately 69 million vehicle breakdowns occur in the United States each year. You might find yourself stranded for many reasons, such as a dead battery or an accident. When that time comes, you’ll have to get an emergency tow. 

You can ensure the process goes smoothly by preparing for the truck to arrive. Here’s what you need to know about how to prepare for a tow. 

Collect Personal Items From the Vehicle

You will only have access to your vehicle for a bit, so ensure that you take all necessary documentation, such as your insurance card and vehicle registration. 

Additionally, you’ll want to take anything significant out of the car that you don’t want to leave behind—for instance, laptops and electronic devices. Most towing companies have secure lots, but keeping valuables out of sight and with you is best. 

Move the Vehicle off the Road

Ensure your car is out of the way of any oncoming traffic. The last thing you want is for your stalled vehicle to cause an accident. Stopped vehicle crashes result in hundreds of deaths each year. 

Move the car to a safe location, away from any obstacles. Remember that buildings and trees can block a person’s view. Your vehicle should be visible.

Tell the Towing Company About Any Issues

If there is any reason you can’t move your vehicle, or if there are any obstacles, be sure to tell your towing company. For example, tell them if you need an emergency tow because of sustaining damage in an accident and can’t move it. 

Another reason people often need to tow a vehicle is because they can’t jumpstart their cars. Just let them know if you’ve tried a jump and it still didn’t work. 

Close the Windows and Doors

Roll up the windows before the tow truck arrives to prevent any accidents. Remember to check the moon roof and the back windows if your vehicle has one. 

Ensure the doors are firmly closed to prevent damage and deter thieves. 

Remember that the towing company needs to access the vehicle’s interior. If you are away when they arrive, ensure they know where the key is. 

Release the Parking Brake

You don’t want the parking brake engaged when the towing company arrives. If they don’t notice it, the vehicle can sustain damage. Most towing services will check first, but there’s always a chance it can be detected, especially if you leave the car. 

Take Pictures

Finally, take pictures of your car’s exterior and interior before the truck arrives. That way, you’ll have proof of your vehicle’s condition if it comes back with dents or scratches. Photos and videos are also helpful for the insurance company if there is any vandalism or theft. 

In Need of an Emergency Tow?

Breakdowns and accidents happen constantly, but you can be better prepared for an emergency tow if you need one now. 

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