Summer Road Trip Tips

Road Trip

Doing any traveling this summer? Here are a few summer road trip tips to keep in mind!

1. Download music/podcasts ahead of time

Unless you pay for unlimited data, chances are you need to ration how many gigs you use on the road. Save your data for your GPS and download music, podcasts, and other entertainment for passengers before the big road trip.

Summer Road Trip Tips

2. Keep your car clean

Start out your trip out with a clean vehicle and periodically purge unnecessary trash along the way. Driving with fast food cups, bags, wrappers, and empty bottles kicking around your car isn’t just annoying, it’s unsafe. Wind coming through open windows can blow a plastic bag around your car and distract the driver, causing an accident. Also, trash can get underneath the driver’s feet. Even a simple distraction like reaching down to pick it up could cause a wreck.

3. Track mileage/expenses

If you’re going on a business trip or traveling for work, make sure to keep track of your mileage, food expenses, etc. Your employer may need to see the receipts or you may need them for tax purposes. Accordion-style receipt keepers are a great way to stay organized and make sure receipts don’t accidentally get thrown away.

Have a fun and safe summer!