The Differences Between Heavy-Duty Towing and Light-Duty Towing

The average towing cost in America is $109. While that isn’t a lot, it’s definitely not a price that you want to pay twice. If you don’t understand the difference between light-duty and heavy-duty towing, however, you may have to. 

When you call in for towing services, your operator will probably ask you if you want heavy-duty or light-duty towing. If you choose the wrong one, you will still need to pay for your mistake. You may even need to pay more the first time as heavy-duty costs more than light duty.  You should know the difference between these types of towing. Read on to learn more. 

Light Duty vs Heavy Duty Towing

Obviously, not all vehicles are the same. They range in size from small golf carts to large shipping trucks. Because of this, there are two different types of towing. 

The ‘heavy’ and ‘light’ terms in the towing categories refer to a vehicle’s weight. Heavy-duty towing, then, refers to vehicle towing that involves heavier vehicles. Examples of these include semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, RVs, garbage trucks, and so on. 

The excess weight of these vehicles (usually around 17,000 pounds or more) can add a lot of complications to towing services. Beyond adding a layer of danger to the job, only certain tow trucks have the horsepower to handle the weight. Tow truck drivers also need certain kinds of equipment. 

Because of these added complications, heavy-duty towing often cost more than light duty. This can make it unnecessarily expensive if you hire heavy-duty vehicle towing when light-duty towing would’ve been enough. 

In contrast, light-duty towing services are for vehicles that have a weight below 17,000 pounds. The vehicles that fall into this category include compact cars, small SUVs, and so on. Lighter and more efficient trucks are used for these jobs. 

Heavy-Duty Towing

What Do Towing Services for Both Duties Involve? 

Beyond the weight, the types of towing services for both weight categories of vehicles remain mostly the same. Vehicle owners often hire towing services when their vehicle has gotten into an accident or broken down. A tow truck can then bring either of these weight categories of vehicle to a repair shop or wherever else a vehicle owner wishes. 

However, both duties of towing services aren’t limited to accidents and breakdowns alone. Some towing service clients will also call to have a nuisance vehicle removed from their property. 

Make Us Your Fultondale or Hayden Towing Option

In general, if you know the ‘duty’ of your vehicle, your best option is to ask. Tell the operator about which type of vehicle you need to have towed. He or she will probably be able to use the information to tell you if you need light-duty or heavy-duty towing. Also, if you need any of these towing services around the Birmingham, Alabama areas, we can help. With a fleet of over 15 trucks and trailers, we’re sure to have the vehicle and equipment you need.

If you’re in need of towing services, call one of our dispatchers ASAP.