The Most Dangerous Times For Driving

It is critical to ensure your safety whenever you are driving, so all drivers should be aware of the most dangerous times to be on the road. Statistics show that specific times and days are more threatening to be on the road than others. Below are eight dangerous driving conditions to watch out for.

1. 4th of July

From 2000-2013, IIHS data ranks Independence Day as the deadliest day to be driving, and drivers are encouraged to be off the road. There are significantly more cars than usual on the road on this day, and the more vehicles on the street, the higher the probability of an accident occurring. With heavy traffic, drivers need to be on high alert and observe the speed limits. Drinking and driving is highly discouraged.

2. Rush hour

Regardless of your driving skills or experience, rush hour traffic jams are bound to test your patience. To be on the safe side, ensure you stay in your lane, employ defensive driving skills against reckless drivers, and avoid rapid impulsive turns.

3. Memorial Day weekend


Considered as the start of the summer holiday, the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) recorded that about 400 people die every year on this weekend. The fatalities are alcohol-related. This weekend is different from a non-holiday weekend primarily because of too many cars on the road, as well as alcohol-fueled parties and barbecues.

4. Black Friday

With approximately 60 to 70 million shoppers at local malls trolling for bargains on any given Black Friday, the rush to secure parking lot spots leads to a record number of accidents. Studies show that the number of parking lot insurance claims from rear-end accidents increases significantly on Black Friday with every passing year.

5. Night-time

Visibility at night is not as good as during the day. NHTSA advises that you improve visibility by using the high beam lights and headlamps engineered for better illumination at night. The number of drunk drivers is also higher at night, potentially putting you in harm’s way.

6. New Year’s Day

Many people celebrate New Year’s day by indulging in alcohol consumption, so many drivers are intoxicated and unable to drive, which can be a nuisance to other road users. Because of this, it is best to keep off the road and celebrate the new year at home.

7. Christmas holidays

The festivities are always a time for cheer and joy, but they also bring out aggression and impatience in drivers who are always in a hurry. The holiday stress combined with busy roads does not create a safe driving environment.

8. St. Patrick’s Day

With the many public parades held on St. Patrick’s Day, driving can be a nightmare. People are running and dancing around everywhere, and any slight distraction could lead to an accident.

While a well-rested and alert driver can competently drive regardless of the conditions, it is better to avoid driving during the stated times to be cautious. If an emergency occurs and you have to drive during these times, contact Hurst Towing for any emergency car service.