The Top 3 Misconceptions About Towing

When it comes to towing, there are a lot of stereotypes and misconceptions that the public holds, and unfortunately, they tend to apply these misconstrued beliefs to all the towing companies. This post will break down the top misconceptions to help you learn more about the towing industry and distinguish fact from fiction.

1. Towing Companies Aren’t Always Available

There are a lot of people who believe that towing companies operate for only a set amount of hours in a day, so they wrongly assume that if their car was to suddenly break down late at night they would have to wait until the following morning to call for assistance. This is not true.

While there are some tow companies that have a cap on their hours of operations, there are a lot more that are open 24/7. This includes all public holidays and even Christmas. That’s because accidents happen randomly and usually at the most inappropriate times. By constantly being available, tow companies ensure you’re able to get the help you need when you need it. In addition, they also provide a range of other services such as fuel delivery, upon request, and help to jump-start a car.

2. Towing Companies Can’t Tow Unconventional Vehicles


Many people erroneously believe that tow companies only tow a specific set of cars, mostly in the category of SUVs and sedans. This belief exists because vehicles of that nature are the most common on the roads and are thus often seen being towed.

The truth is that tow companies tow all types of vehicles regardless of size. From an expensive luxury Mercedes Benz or Porsche to antique cars, to trucks and buses, and even RVs and motorcycles. Nothing is off-limits.

These vehicles can be towed if they’re illegally parked by the road, or if they unexpectedly break down. Towing assistance can also be provided if they’re in dire situations, like being stuck in a ditch, submerged in water, or tipped over.

3. Towing Companies Are Expensive

This belief stems from the fact that towing companies are often called upon by municipalities to tow illegally parked vehicles and the owners are required to pay hefty fees to get their car back. The heavy fines are levied because the owner broke the law. It has very little to do with the tow service itself. In reality, the tow service charge is much smaller.

Another reason why this belief exists is that there are some unscrupulous tow companies that take advantage of unsuspecting motorists. Like any industry, there are always going to be scammers. That doesn’t mean that it applies to the majority. The fact is that most tow companies are altruistically motivated to help people who are stranded and provide them with a stress-free experience.

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If you’re concerned about getting scammed, always do your due diligence before contacting a specific tow company. You can start by reading the company reviews left by previous customers to have an idea of what to expect.

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