Things You Should Pull From Your Car Before It Gets Towed

Getting your vehicle towed can be stressful, but if you pull everything you need from it before it gets towed, that should alleviate some of the stress. Here’s a checklist to help you remember everything!

1. Important Documents

Before you grab anything else, it’s important to pull any important paperwork that you keep in your car. This includes:


2. Tools & Roadside Preparedness Kit

Most people keep tools, jumper cables, etc. in their vehicle in case they break down. You’ll want to be sure you pull your toolbox, emergency kit, and any other supplies that you typically keep in your car to handle a break-down.

3. Personal items

If your car has any keys, money, photos, phones, chargers, clothing items, car seats, or any other personal items in it, you’ll want to pull those as well. It can be helpful to put smaller items together in a bag, if you have one, so that nothing gets lost.

Of course, once you’ve gathered everything you need from your vehicle, you’ll want to transfer these items to your new car (if applicable). If, for some reason, you forget something, you can always call the towing company and inquire about getting your things back.