Things You Need In Your Winter Emergency Car Kit

Emergency Car Kit: It’s not just the cold weather itself that can make residents of Birmingham shiver. For those who were part of it, the mere mention of the 2014 Snowpocalypse can lead to a cold feeling at the base of the spine!

The final Tuesday morning of the month had seemed an unremarkable day, somewhat colder than you might expect with a forecasting promising no more than a light dusting of snow. Move on a few hours, and around lunchtime, two inches had fallen and the gridlock had formed. As night fell, vehicles were abandoned and shelter was being sought in malls and office buildings.

If the event taught us nothing else, it did show that it’s vital to be aware of the problems winter weather can cause motorists. To that end, having a kit prepared and stowed that helps you deal with a sudden freeze, or worse, is a sensible action to take.

Key Elements Of Your Winter Emergency Car Kit

Here Are Some Of The Things To Keep In This Kit:

  • A thick, warm blanket and comfortable pillow – if you are stuck in winter snowbound traffic for a while then at least you might be able to catch up with some shuteye!
  • Dressing in warm clothes and gloves makes sense, just in case your heating gives you problems. It also pays to pack some extra heavy-duty clothes to add extra layers of warmth and protection.
  • No matter the shoes you like to use when driving, it pays to have a spare pair of sturdy shoes or boots – freezing cold feet are never pleasant and can pose a health problem.
  • A complete and fully-stocked first aid kit – to help deal with emergencies, ranging from headaches and cut fingers to more serious matters.
  • A cell phone charger to help ensure you can keep in contact with loved ones or call for help if necessary.
  • Jumper cables are invaluable to get you going again in case your battery dies. Equally, you might be able to be a good samaritan for another motorist with this problem.
  • Fresh bottled water and a range of non-perishable snacks can be stowed away to allow you to deal with hunger and dehydration if you are backed-up in static traffic for a considerable period of time.
  • Setting out in daylight, and intending to complete your journey before darkness falls, is all well and good. It might not end up that way, so a powerful flashlight is a must.
  • Fully-charged batteries in case your flashlight runs out
  • An ice scraper and shovel could be vital to clean windscreen and windows in the winter and to help you clear ice or snow from the road under your wheels to help you get started again. A can of de-icer might also be needed; and maybe a bag of rock salt stowed in the trunk.
  • If you carry reflectors they can help identify your vehicle when visibility is poor.

Other Preparations To Make

Firstly, do check the forecast before making winter journeys. Then make sure you have a full tank of gas, not leaving it for a fill-up when almost empty. Add to this a check on oil, radiator fluid, and windshield cleaner levels – and take an extra supply with you in case needed.

One Final, Vital Item

Make sure you have our Hurst Towing number on a piece of paper stowed in your glove compartment – as well as on your mobile. It’s 205-631-8697 – and we do hope that you never end up in winter weather conditions where you need to use it! But if you do, we’re ready to ride to your rescue…