3 Things You Should Do When Waiting for Roadside Assistance

A broken down vehicle can be a test of patience for some. But instead of getting bored or irritated while waiting for roadside assistance, do these three things instead.

1. Check your car

Roadside Assistance

Turn on your hazard lights and move your vehicle (if possible) out of the way. These steps are important, especially if you’re on a busy road because it alerts other drivers that you’re “stuck” and protects your car from getting hit. Also, don’t forget to gather any important documents you might need like insurance information, vehicle registration and your wallet. You may not be able to access your car, so collect everything you need ahead of time.

2. Keep yourself safe

Once you’ve contacted roadside assistance and perhaps some family members to let them know where you are, don’t use your phone to play games or browse social media. You might get bored, but that’s a small price to pay to keep a full phone battery. You may need to use it later for something important! Try to refrain from wandering around your car or standing too close to the roadway. This is particularly important at night, when visibility is poor and drivers are less alert. Stand on the side of your car that is the furthest away from passing cars.

3. Be courteous to other drivers

Doing the steps above covers you and your car, but it should also get you thinking about other drivers. Minimize potential hazards as much as you can and treat fellow drivers with the same courtesy that you would want if you were driving past a broken down vehicle. After all, the goal is for everyone to get where they need to go safely without incident. Don’t let your potential frustration with your current situation put someone else at risk.