What is Recovery Towing?

Instances arise where standard towing is not adequate. Recovery towing is used to remove a vehicle from an emergency scenario where standard towing would not be sufficient. For instance, recovery towing services come in to assist when a car veers off the road to the extent of requiring special equipment to pull it out.

Cars can break down and roll off-road. Also, most large vehicles can slide and roll over and require recovery towing. Recovery towing uses special equipment to move vehicles to a safer area. Typically, large vehicles like trucks and buses require recovery towing because they are susceptible to inverting because of excessive momentum. Likewise, a speeding car can lose control and go off-road.

When do you require recovery towing services? Read on to learn about recovery towing, types of recovery towing, and who to contact when you need recovery towing services.

When do You Need Recovery Towing Services?

Both small and big vehicles can require recovery towing. When driven off-road, on-mountain pathways, unpaved roads, or ravines, most cars can end up getting stuck or stall. In such an instance, you will find yourself far from typical towing services and will instead need special equipment to recover your car off-road.

Recovery Towing

Light/Small Vehicle Recovery Towing

Smaller cars ideally require light vehicle recovery. Driving in the countryside can be challenging, especially for small vehicles.

Towing experts have the expertise to retrieve and manage hazardous scenarios, especially where an accident occurred. Instances that require light vehicle recovery towing include:

  • Accidents
  • Broken down engines
  • Hazardous road conditions
  • Tire punctures
  • Terrain blocks

Heavy-Duty Vehicle Recovery Towing

The heavier or larger the vehicle, the more susceptible it is to incur challenges and require higher towing capacity services. Heavy-duty recovery involves larger vehicles.

Special equipment is used to recover and pull the overturned or stalled vehicles such as tractors, buses, and trailers.

Heavy-duty recovery towing services include:

  • Fleet trucks
  • Buses
  • Semi-trucks
  • Machines

Heavy-duty vehicles may need forklifts, rotators, duty wreckers, airbag recovery, cranes, and other recovery tools. The recovery process often uses heavy towing equipment, having maximum towing capacity, winches, cables, and an extended wheelbase. Therefore, some recovery instances might require multiple recovery vehicles for heavy-duty towing.

Best Recovery Towing Services in North Jefferson

Effective heavy-duty recovery towing requires local knowledge and expertise to ensure a safe and successful recovery, mainly when performed along bridges and roadways. A reliable and reputable towing service should evaluate all safety considerations and determine the best recovery strategy to minimize damages.

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