What is roadside assistance insurance?

What is roadside assistance insurance? Roadside assistance is like having 911 on speed dial for your car. Despite our best efforts to maintain our vehicles, there’s always the chance that something could go wrong. Instead of being stranded somewhere waiting on a family member or friend to arrive, you can call your roadside assistance provider and they’ll either send someone right away or walk you through the fix.

What is roadside assistance insurance?

What kind of issues are covered?

Roadside assistance insurance is helpful to have because it covers a variety of car problems. It all depends on the type and amount of coverage you have. But typically, you can call when you have a flat tire, lock your keys in your car, have a dead battery, or run out of gas. Roadside assistance is a worthwhile investment because it gives you peace of mind.

What should I look for in insurance coverage?

We suggest asking yourself the following questions when you’re considering an insurance provider:

  • Is this Roadside Assistance available 24/7?
  • How do I contact Roadside Assistance when I need help?
  • What’s the limit on the number of callouts I’m allowed?
  • Is a technical advice hotline included in the service?
  • What are the geographical limitations of my Roadside Assistance? For example, does it apply interstate as well?
  • What financial limits apply to the different benefits/services offered?