What to Do If You Need to Be Towed During Winter

Breaking down is inconvenient in general, but it is particularly frustrating when it’s cold out. Here’s what to do if you need to be towed during winter.

Stay warm

Need to Be Towed

Getting stranded during winter presents a problem because you may not have heat. If your vehicle can be fixed fairly quickly and it’s sunny out, have everyone bundle up in coats and sit tight. However, if you’re going to be waiting for a while, you are going to have difficulty staying warm. It may be worthwhile to walk to the nearest rest stop or gas station so that you can wait for your tow in a warm building.

Keep the kids occupied

If the weather isn’t too cold and permits you to wait in your vehicle, find activities to entertain your kids while you wait for a tow. Break out the snacks, play music, put on a movie, or tell stories. Play games like I Spy, The Alphabet Game, or Pictionary. You could even film your own silly music video. Whatever you do, try to stay positive, as your kids will feed off of your attitude, whether it be negative or positive. Set a good example for them by being patient and calm.

Wait smartly

If possible, move your car out of the way of oncoming traffic and turn on your hazards. Leave kids buckled in: only adults need to be getting out of the vehicle! If you’re sitting in your car waiting, lock the doors and keep windows rolled up. Also, avoid using your phone for entertainment. You need to keep the battery going as long as possible, just in case you need to make an emergency call. Turn on “battery saver mode” and only use it for important calls or for navigational purposes.

Waiting for a tow in the middle of winter can be miserable, but there are ways to prepare. Keep a basket of supplies like coloring books, a flashlight, games, snacks, water bottles, a freshly charged DVD player, and even blankets in your vehicle during winter just in case you get stranded. Hopefully, you won’t have to use any of it, but if you do break down, you’ll be glad you prepared!