What To Keep In Your Car In Case Of Breakdowns

What To Keep In Your Car? When your car breaks down on the road, it’s not only inconvenient and time-consuming but also dangerous. Depending on where you are on the highway, the situation can be harrowing. Therefore, you should try to manage the problem promptly and get back on the road as soon as possible. Knowing that you were prepared with essentials for emergency breakdowns eliminates unnecessary panic. Here is a list of items you should have in your car to ensure your safety and that of your passengers while on the road.

1. A First Aid Kit

What To Keep In Your Car

A first aid kit provides essential medical supplies that you can use to administer first aid if an accident occurs and someone gets injured. You can buy a prepackaged one or assemble it yourself. Ensure that your kit has all the essential first aid items like a seatbelt cutter, adhesive Band-Aids for covering cuts, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic, hydrocortisone cream for inflammation, safety pins, and gauze pads for wounds.

2. Water

You will need water to quench your thirst. It will also help clean the oil off your clothes and cool the radiator. Overheated radiators risk mechanical damage or even engine failure, which would likely cause another breakdown.

3. Warm Clothing

Car breakdowns can happen anywhere and anytime. Keeping blankets, thermal sleeping bags, and other warm clothing in your trunk can be lifesaving when it gets cold.

4. A Flashlight

Always pack a crank or battery-operated flashlight with extra batteries. A flashlight will enable you to look under the hood and try to diagnose the problem and also keep harmful nocturnal animals at bay.


5. Basic Toolkit 

Consider having tools like a tire gauge, pliers, oil, brake fluid, screwdrivers, windshield antifreeze, and a pocket knife. Minor car breakdowns can easily be fixed with these handy tools.

6. Food And Medicine

Like water and extra batteries, food and medicine are essential as well. You have to be able to sustain your energy in case help takes time to arrive. Ensure you also pack just enough for extra passengers.

7. Emergency Flares

You are going to want to let people know where you are. A breakdown could be at a busy highway, crowded intersection, or blind curve. Pulling over is not enough. Other road users may find it difficult to see you. Please use red or orange reflective flares or place them around your car to warn them of your presence.

8. Gloves

Disposable gloves are hygienic in case you need to tend to an injured passenger. For heavy-duty work on your car, a pair of thick work gloves protect your hands from hot materials and chemicals.

9. Walking Shoes

Have some shoes that can cover ground if need be. If you have an idea of where you are and where you can get help, you can consider walking.

Emergency breakdowns can be remedied with proper essential items that keep you and your family safe and warm if you get stuck for an extended period.

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