When Is It Time To Get New Tires?

When Is It Time To Get New Tires?? The condition of your car’s tires can have a major impact on performance and safety. For example, they affect how well your brakes work. Consider these factors when you decide if it’s time to replace them:


When you notice shallow tread or tiny cracks on sidewalls, it might be best to purchase new tires. If in doubt, you could use the “penny test” or a tread gauge to get a better idea of whether or not the rubber still provides enough traction.

Both major and minor accidents have the potential to reduce the lifespan of a tire. Be sure to examine this part of your car after you hit any object or run into a pothole. Carefully check for signs of damage, such as bulging. The rubber will bulge if air enters a place where it doesn’t belong. This indicates that your tire may burst soon.

Some issues are invisible because they don’t affect the outer surfaces of the treads or sidewall. Nonetheless, you can often detect them by noticing excessive vibration. Vehicles with problematic tires tend to vibrate more when they travel at fairly high speeds.


Even when it sits idle, the rubber will slowly decay. Think about replacement when the age of a tire reaches six years. You can find out when it was manufactured by looking for a code on the sidewall. Four numbers at the end of this code reveal the production date.

Some tires need replacement sooner than others. For instance, they don’t age as quickly when they’re not being used. On the other hand, rubber will deteriorate more rapidly if you frequently travel in hot, sunny weather. Garage storage normally results in less decay than outdoor parking. A carport offers somewhat less protection.


Buy new units when you plan to start driving on different surfaces. For example, you shouldn’t use a vehicle with summer tires when you move to a snowy, mountainous locale or begin to drive off-road. It’s crucial to have the right kind of tread.


Consider replacement before you try to resell an auto. This usually makes sense unless the car holds little value or its treads remain in excellent condition. The vehicle will probably fetch a higher price because this equipment is highly visible and any buyer can easily recognize the value of new tires.

Basically, you ought to promptly replace any old, worn, cracked, or unsuitable tires. Never keep them for more than a decade. If you’re still not sure, ask a trusted auto mechanic to evaluate the condition of your vehicle’s treads and recommend the best solution.

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