Why You Should Respect Law Enforcement When You Get Pulled Over

Respect Law Enforcement: Even the safest driver may occasionally get pulled over for speeding, driving through a red light, etc by law enforcement. Regardless of what you are being accused of, though, it’s important to stay calm and be respectful when a police officer pulls you over. Here’s why.

The officer is just doing his job.

Respect Law Enforcement

When an officer pulls you over, they are carrying out one of their occupational duties: to keep roads safe. If you saw another driver doing something that put you in danger or was against the law, wouldn’t you want the police to stop them? They cannot treat you any differently. The same rules apply to all motorists on the road, including you. Therefore, when a police officer pulls you over, they’re simply holding you to the same standard they’re holding everyone else to.

It’s not personal.

There are many reasons why an officer might pull you over, so try not to take police confrontation personally. Answer their questions honestly and comply with their requests. If you don’t think you’re in the wrong, sign the ticket and dispute it later in court. Officers can only pull you over if they see a violation or have probable cause based on an ongoing investigation (e.g. you or your vehicle fit a description).

Of course, if you want to avoid getting pulled over in the first place, follow the rules of the road. Your driver’s license has been given to you with an expectation that you will obey the law. Police officers are merely enforcers of that law.