Tips for Driving Safely When It’s Raining

The more carefully you drive when it’s raining, the less likely you are to get into a car accident. Check out these 3 simple tips for driving safely in the rain.

1. Put away distractions

Tips for Driving Safely

Distracted driving is dangerous driving. In fact, according to The National Safety Council, 1.6 million crashes each year were caused by the use of cell phones while driving. Minimize distractions by putting away your phone (delegate a passenger as DJ and GPS manager!), delaying all incoming texts and calls, and turning music down to a reasonable level. Try to avoid being distracted by your passengers as well. Let them handle passing food around to other passengers, and ask for their help if you need assistance with directions.

2. Pay attention to the wheels of your car

Focus on your steering wheel and your tires. Keep both hands on the steering wheel, and pay attention to slippery spots on the road in case your tires slip. If you hydroplane, remain calm and follow these directions.

3. Be alert or don’t drive

Don’t drive in the rain if you’ve been drinking alcohol, are taking medication that makes you drowsy, or haven’t gotten enough sleep. All of these factors can inhibit your natural instincts and reflexes, making you a danger to yourself and others.